The 10 Best Mullets in Sports: Respect Modern Mullets!

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Let’s face it. Haircuts are difficult right now. And the mullet is the hair cut that never dies. It even recently reentered pop culture thanks to Joe Exotic and the viral docu-series Tiger King. Mullets have long been a part of society, and sports have been a platform allowing the signature 1980s hair cut to live on with the men who make the mane work. Over the years, we have seen everything from trashy mullets to fashionable modern mullets, and everything in between.

If the suit makes the man, then some mullets really stick out thanks to the men that wore them. Here is a look at the ten best mullets in sports you have to see to believe! Honorable mention to those that rock the cut without making the cut.

Brian Bosworth

The Boz! Brian Bosworth stormed on to the pop culture landscape in 1984 thanks to his colorful personality. The Oklahoma Sooner linebacker was a superstar in NCAA football well-known for his play on the field and also as a part of the 1980s NCAA steroid culture. Now less well-known for finding his way back into the sport via Dr. Pepper commercials.

Wayne Gretzky

The mullet was so ubiquitous in 1980s sports that even “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky had one. Gretzky’s hockey heyday with the Edmonton Oilers showcased a young star with a gorgeous head of pure hockey hair. All business up front barreling toward the goalkeeper. Pure party for those he left behind.

David Beckham

English soccer star David Beckham goes through haircuts like some people drink water. While playing for the LA Galaxy between 2007 and 2012,” Golden Balls” sported a sweet modern mullet that didn’t quite catch on with fans.

Troy Tulowitzki

Former New York Yankees shortstop Troy Tulowitzki turned heads while playing for the Colorado Rockies thanks to his pop at the plate and fantastic modern mullets. Tulowitzki’s love of the haircut goes back to his childhood. Photos emerged during his time in Colorado, showing him as a child with the same stylish mullet that got him to the big leagues.

Jared Allen

Former Minnesota Viking defensive lineman Jared Allen was feared by quarterbacks around the NFL. Under that football helmet was a flowing mullet that was his trademark and possibly the source of his hard hits.

Randy Johnson

Few baseball players had a better mullet than left-handed flamethrower Randy Johnson. “The Big Unit” was well-known around the league for his hard-throwing and the distracting mane of hair that twisted in the wind as he finished his throwing motion.

Barry Melrose

Famed NHL player, coach, and analyst Barry Melrose had one of the best hockey hairdos of the 1990s. He led the LA Kings to the 1993 Stanley Cup Finals while sporting the iconic haircut. There is a good chance Melrose and Gretzky debated which of them had the best mullet in sport.

Jack Goodhue

Modern mullets in sports do not get any better than New Zealand rugby international Jack Goodhue’s dynamic quaff. Goodhue played for the All Blacks at the Rugby World Cup in 2019 with some onlookers claiming his mullet was the tournament’s real MVP.

Andre Agassi

Photos of tennis legend Andre Agassi ooze 1980s pop culture. Although his greatest tennis successes came in the 1990s and 2000s, his look will always be associated with the end of the decade of John Hughes films, yuppies, and Wall Street greed.

Since retiring, Agassi claimed he wore a wig to give him his signature lion mane mullet look because he was balding. Agassi claimed the mullet “wig” lost him the 1990 French Open as it wouldn’t simply stay on his head. And even so stylish that the iconic mullet legacy is immortalized in video game technology.

Jaromir Jagr

Hockey hair never looked better than on Pittsburgh Penguins legend Jaromir Jagr. Between 1990 and 2001, Jagr had the best mullet in sports, and his signature Kentucky waterfall still holds up to this day. While Agassi’s was great, the curls in Jager’s mullet mane put it at No. 1 on our list.

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